Until today, I had never heard the term SLIder but reading an article on the subject was quite interesting.  While not exactly paranormal in the current use of the term, it is certainly outside the normal and interesting.  So are you a SLIder and would you be willing to share your stories with us?

Street lamp interference

Street lamp interference sounds like something drunks do late on a Saturday night but SLI is actually something far more unusual.  A person who has this unusual ability is known as a SLIder and is someone who finds streetlights switch on or off when they walk past them.  Obviously, this can be mere chance but for SLIders this happens with a regularity that is beyond random chance.  It doesn’t happen every time but more than enough to constitute something strange.  And even some in the scientific world are beginning to take notice of it.

Nor are streetlights the only thing that SLIders effect.  In fact, someone who experiences this strange phenomena can expect a range of undoubtedly frustrating problems such as TVs going on or off without being touched or appliances such as lamps having a mind of their own.  Lightbulbs often blow when the person touches the light switch while watches stop working.  When they work, TVs and radios often change volume without a button being pressed and children’s electrical toys start working on their own (creepy!).  Finally, their ability to own a credit or debit card can be ruined by their effect on the magnetic encoding of the cards that renders them useless.

Possible causes

No scientific examination has yet been undertaken meaning that everything in the possible causes department is pure speculation at this stage.  As with many psychic phenomena, the ability to recreate the events in a laboratory always prove to be difficult.

However, according to the author on Paranormal.about.com one possible explanation is to do with the electrical impulses in the brain.  Our brain sends out millions of these little impulses to instruct our body what to do and how to do it – so is it possible that a SLIder simply has a greater range to their electrical impulses than everyone else does?

In fact, research conducted by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab or PEAR have already suggested that the subconscious can affect electronic devices.  Before the lab closed, it conducted tests into the ability of people to influence a computer and found results that were outside the normal expected range.

Another common factor in many SLI cases is the subject’s emotional state – something noted in many other psychic phenomena.  One barmaid who gave an interview about her ability said that it only happened when she was stressed about something.  In her words ‘not manically stressed but when I’m really chewing something over in my head’.  Could it be that this allows the subconscious off its leash enough to cause the SLI effects?


There is no doubt that there are people who have a strange effect on electrical equipment.  Hillary Evans, investigator with the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) has even established a website where people can report their own experiences.  Maybe if more people who notice that nearly every time they walk under a streetlight, it goes out, then a clear pattern and explanation can be gained.