Since the coining of the phrase ‘flying saucer’, most people would automatically equate a UFO with a round, saucer-like shape.  But the reality based on many reports would be that UFOs come in all shapes as well as sizes.  One of the most remarkable and least easy to explain away by the sceptic has to be the triangle UFO.


Reports have been logged of triangle UFOs throughout the 20th and 21st centuries across the US, UK and other parts of the world.  Some believe these craft may not be strictly alien but related to a secret program of developmental aircraft called the Aurora program, operated by the US Air Force.

Belgian Triangle UFOs
Belgian Triangle UFOs

Descriptions of the craft are relatively similar in their key aspects.  These UFOs make virtually no noise and can hover as well as moving slowly and having speed beyond most terrestrial craft.  They are normally seen at night and often described as having lights in the corners, often red and pulsing.  They do show up on radar, as seen in the famous Belgian UFO wave, and are often seen near highways and cities.

According to the UK’s Ministry of Defence, the explanation for the sightings of triangle shaped UFOs are that they are formations of electrical plasma that interacts with energy fields.  These mysterious plasma formations refract light and cause hallucinations in people on the ground, particularly when close.  Other explanations offered in their report into the matter, called Project Condign, include gases in the atmosphere that become electrically charged and cause a similar effect.  Reports from Russia, China and the governments of some former Soviet states show they too have looked into the phenomena and noticed the effects of these ‘fields’ when close to humans.  What isn’t discussed is what causes the fields in the first place.

Famous cases

Area of Rendlesham Forest Incident
Area of Rendlesham Forest Incident

One of the most well documented cases involving triangle UFOs is the Rendlesham Forest incident.  This involved a pyramid shaped craft landed near an American air base in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk in December 1980.  A number of military personnel reported what they saw including a craft landing in a field then taking off again at incredible speeds.  The incident is often referred to as ‘Britain’s Roswell’.

As mentioned earlier, another well-documented case came from Belgium in March 1990.  A large black triangular UFO was seen over the city of Eupen and was observed by a number of police officers.  One of these even reported seeing a glowing red disc being released from the craft that flew down to the ground and vanished amid buildings.  The objects were even recorded on radar and pursued by a number of military craft.

The sightings known as the Phoenix Lights took place in March 1997 when a number of locals caught with camera and camcorder a number of different craft over the city.  Some came as low as just 1000 feet above the ground while others moved too slowly and soundlessly for conventional aircraft.  One triangle in particular was estimated to be over one mile wide and blocked out the stars in the sky over their homes.  Around the same time, craft were reported as far afield as Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  The military report into the sightings were that they were caused by testing flares from normal aircraft and while jets were seen, they appeared to be chasing the craft rather than causing the effects.  Local pilots tried to recreate the effect a few nights later but residents confirmed they could clearly hear the engines and there had been no sound on the night.

A similar incident came from the area of Illinois around the towns of Highland, Dupo, Lebanon, Summerfield, Millstadt and O’Fallon in January 2000.  Witnesses included five off-duty police officers who saw a silent triangular craft moving at treetop level and at unusually high speeds.

As recently as February and March last year, a black triangle craft was photographed on several occasions over Kansas and Texas, during daylight.  One amateur photographer, Jeff Templin, took pictures while wildlife watching in Kansas while two others pictured the craft with a long contrail over Amarillo in Texas in March.  Experts agree that the photos show a real craft.


The triangle UFO continues to be a remarkably consistent phenomena with sightings spread around the world.  And while the explanation of plasma in the atmosphere may be enough for some people, for others, there are too many questions left unanswered.