There are no shortage of reports regarding the strange and eerie phenomenon known as the Black Eyed Kids or BEK’s.  Common to many of them are the witnesses resisting the efforts of these apparent children to allow them into a car or house.  But a new statement from a woman who did the opposite and allowed them into her home has sent chills through readers – because the woman claims she is now slowly dying due to her encounter.


If you haven’t encountered the BEK’s before, here’s a basic overview.  The typical encounter involves someone at home alone or in a car by themselves.  There’s a knock at the door and when they answer, there is a child or more standing there.  They usually turn up at night, often outside the normal times that kids of this age would be out and they ask to come in, often to use the phone.

But there’s just something a bit off about them and people resist the natural urge to help a child.  The main thing that is noticeable is their eyes – they are completely black, lacking the coloured iris and whites of the eyes most of us have.  More than that, though, they exude a sense of wrongness.

Saying yes

The woman in question however did the opposite of most every report I’ve ever heard.  She wrote to the website Week in Weird with her account in hopes of warning others who are tempted to help these ‘children’.

The witness lives in a rural town in Vermont, a close knit community of the type where doors are left unlocked and everyone knows each other.  Around twelve months ago, she heard banging at her door.  Living along a remote, dirt road, she immediately thought someone had been involved in an accident as it was snowing at the time.  When she got up and looking out of the window she could see footprints in the snow but no sign of a car.

Unable to see the front door from her bedroom window, she woke her husband who went to open the door while she stood to watch.  On the doorstep were two kids, a boy and a girl, who appeared to be around eight years old.  Both looked rather old fashioned with the girl having long, straight hair and the boy having a bowl cut.  Nor were they dressed for winter, leading the woman to think they may be Mennonite children, even though there were no nearby communities.

Instinctive behaviour

The woman reflected that her normal reaction to seeing children on the door in a snowstorm would be to rush them inside, give them blankets and a warm drink.  But there was something unnerving about the kids – they didn’t make eye contact and when her husband asked if they were okay, they asked to come in.  he glanced to his wife, unsure what to do.  When asked where their parents were, the children simply said “They’ll be here soon.”

It was 2am and despite her instincts telling her not to, the woman let them in.  Her husband continued to quiz them but got the same response, in a strange sing-song voice.  At this point, the woman noticed that their four cats were absent, whereas they normally were friendly and greeted strangers.

Returning to her husband, he was holding his hands and said he felt very dizzy.  It was at this point that the children made contact and the woman realised the children had completely black eyes.  She stood, shocked, at which time they asked to use the bathroom.  While they were absent, her husband had a nosebleed, something he had never suffered with.


Suddenly, the lights went out and the woman went to find the children.  The two were standing in the hallway, motionless and suddenly announced their parents had arrived and walked out of the house.  The woman followed them and saw two men standing beside a black car, both were black suits.  They were both quite tall, over six feet and they drove off when the kids were in the car.

Then the strangeness began.  Over the next few months, three of the cats went missing.  The fourth was found in a puddle of blood and died from a haemorrhage.  Her husband continued to have nosebleeds to which the doctors had no clear explanations.

The woman, too, began to suffer.  As well as regular dizzy spells and nosebleeds, she has developed other conditions and is in the worst health condition of her life.  She feels that her condition is killing her and is clearly connected with the presence of the BEK’s.


The account is interesting as one of the few that documents what happens if you allow these creatures into your home.  It is also interesting for the connection to the Men in Black phenomenon that is widely connected with UFO sightings.  But the moral is simple – don’t let them in if they appear at your door.