As the year enters its third month, the second month showed no let-up in the strange events taking place around the world as well as new stories regarding stories from the past.  From ghostly babysitters to astronauts’ accounts, there was plenty to intrigue the curious in February.

Sleeping baby has ghostly watcher

A mother has caught the moment when she believes two figures appeared beside her baby’s cot in the middle of the night while the child was asleep.  The footage was captured in Barongarook, Victoria, Australia and was posted on Facebook as well as being reported in various newspapers.

The video shows the baby, called Ruby, curled up asleep while a white figure appears above her.  A head and body can be seen in the footage and the figure moves from one side to another before moving towards a wall where it seemed to grow smaller.  Some viewers said that later in the footage they could see the faces of two figures – an old lady and a younger girl.  Mum Jade admitted she didn’t believe in ghosts before seeing the footage but is now convinced there was no-one else in the room but the baby – who was alive, at any rate.

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Bedfordshire Ghost Monk Caught on Camera

Ghost monks are a common theme around the UK, with many cathedrals, churches and former monasteries often having tales of their own ghostly residents.  It seems that the monk haunting Old St Mary’s Church has decided to step into the limelight and allow a visitor to photography him.  Two paranormal investigators were checking out the church in Clophill, Bedfordshire and were taking a few shots before beginning their investigation.  They checked their footage and were surprised to see movement in the archway of the church.  Close up, the image appears to show a figure in a black cloak and hood walking past the arch.  The two immediately checked around the church to see if anyone was present, but they were alone.

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Ghost Passengers Haunt Tsunami Area Report Taxi Drivers

Taxi drivers working in the area devastated by the 2011 tsunami in Ishinomaki, Japan, are reporting a number of incidents where they have picked up people killed in the disaster.  Stories include drivers who have picked up a passenger who ask to start the meter before asking to go somewhere strange.  At some point during the journey, the driver realises there is actually no-one in the car.  At least seven drivers have made similar reports according to a local newspaper and doubtless there are more who haven’t come forward.  The tsunami killed over 3,000 residents of the town and some 16,000 people in total.

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Astronaut Recordings of Strange Music from 1969 Released

NASA doesn’t often release much that the word ‘strange’ can be associated with but footage recorded in 1969 by some of their astronauts has been released this month and definitely qualifies.  The footage including whistling noises was recorded by the crew of Apollo 10 in 1969 and were sent to mission control in Houston.  They were unsure about reporting the noises for fear of being dropped from future space missions.  One NASA engineer dismissed the noises as radio interference but the astronauts themselves were less convinced.  Others have reported similar noises including the first men on the moon from Apollo 11.

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Weird Noise Causing Confusion in Oregon

On the subject of strange sounds, a town in Oregon has been left baffled by a series of strange noises they can hear but that experts are unable to explain.  To some the noises is a bit like a giant off-tune flute or faulty car brakes but whatever is causing the shrill noise over Forest Grove, people are unable to explain it.  Local fire marshal Dave Nemeyer said the noise was coming from the middle of the street and sounded like the screeching of a train on tracks despite there being no tracks nearby.  Another resident recorded the sound on her mobile phone, the third time she had heard it that week.  Sounds that have been ruled out include commercial fire or smoke alarms as well as a leaking natural gas line.  Residents remain baffled and irritated.

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