Many UFO stories develop a life of their own and continue to develop as the year go by.  The Rendlesham Forest incident is one of these and the latest report to claim to prove the UFO sighting was real has come from an anonymous US naval officer.


RafmapIf you haven’t run into the case before, here’s a quick recap.  The incident took place in December 1980 when there was a series of sightings of unexplained lights in the Rendlesham Forest area of Suffolk, close to the RAF Woodbridge base, at that time being used by the US Air Force.  A number of personnel from the base, including a Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, claimed to have seen a UFO during the time.  The incident is often referred to as ‘Britain’s Roswell’.

The first incident detailed by Halt in a memo to the Ministry of Defence came from around 3am on the 26th.  Lights were seen by a security patrol near the forest which was initially thought to be a downed aircraft.  The men followed the lights and saw a glowing triangular shaped object, metallic in appearance that had coloured lights.  They tried to approach it but it moved away quickly, causing nearby farm animals to go into a panic.  A later check showed three small impressions in a triangle pattern in the clearing as well as burn marks and broken branches on the trees.

Two days later, Halt and other servicemen returned to the forest in the early hours.  They took radiation readings and recorded what they saw.  During this time, lights were seen in a field to the east, though sceptics believe this was the light from the Orford Ness lighthouse, along the same line of sight.  Three ‘star like’ lights were seen in the sky, on south and two north, around 10 degrees above the horizon.  The brightest hovered in place for two or three hours and a light was seen to beam down from it several times.

Recent claims

East Gate of RAF Woodbridge
East Gate of RAF Woodbridge

The most recent claims come from a former US naval officer who has come forward with a series of top secret documents that he believes proves that a UFO was seen in the forest that night.  The 49-year-old remained anonymous but is said to be live in Ohio.  He was based in NAS Moffett Field in California from February 1986 to October 1989 and worked with people in Silicon Valley.

It was this position that led him to come into contact with ‘tens of thousands of documents that he claims confirmed that aliens are real and have visited Earth.  He said he has come forward now because his confidentiality agreement with the US authorities expired in 2014.

He added he had never removed the documents because it would have been treason and a felony.  He added that he only holds his own testimony on what he saw and documents that prove he had a top-secret clearance which would have allowed him access to these papers.

Among his testimony was a statement that a man in his 60s with a higher security clearance that himself had spoken to him about the Rendlesham incident and confirmed that aliens were definitely involved.


Opinions remain divided about this case to the day.  An affidavit released by Charles Halt in 2010 did little to quell suspicions as it did not match completely the report and tapes from the time.  A number of explanations have been given to explain what was seen.  Reports released from the MOD showed they didn’t take the case seriously and didn’t conduct an investigation into the claims – but if they had, would this have been released anyway?