As we finish with the third month of this year and spring is upon us, we enter the lighter nights and a decline in the paranormal and strange that is reported.  Or so it might sometimes seem – after all, doesn’t everything bad happen during the dark nights of winter?  In our roundup this month, we see that this isn’t necessarily the case, especially when concerning UFOs.

UFO Spotting in New York? Summer and Fall Are Best

According to a new study published by Cheryl Costa, there is a distinctive pattern to the sightings of UFOs around New York state and the results clearly show that from June until October are the months that people are most likely to see something.  The data, taken from the national UFO Reporting Centre and compiled over a 15-year period, uses statistics to evaluate the time of year that sightings most often occur and July comes out top, with a total of 573 sightings out of a total pool of 4098.  Perhaps the warmer weather encourages people to be outside and therefore increase their chances of seeing something yet conversely, dark nights would seem to make sightings easier.  Further studies from other areas might be interesting for comparison

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Cigar shaped UFO spotted near ISS

To be honest, studying feed from the International Space Station and spotting potential UFOs seems to have become a full time job recently and NASA increase curiosity with their oddly timed blackouts and cuts in feed.  The latest images to fascinate are from March 20th and came courtesy of Scott C Waring, founder of UFO Sighting Daily.  The cylinder shaped craft seemed to float near the space station for around a minute and a half, matching speeds with the station.  Just as it seemed to be drawing near, the screen went blue and the image vanished.  Curious timing?

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Tennessee Man Sees ‘Apartment Complex’ Sized UFO

Many of us would image that UFOs need to be a decent size if they are going to travel the distances between nearby possibly inhabitable worlds and this one.  Or have plenty of room for those wormhole generators or other amazing technology they use to cover the distances in the blink of an eye.  However most of the UFOs that are reported tend to be a little on the modest size.  Now a new report through MUFON details a sighting of a UFO that the witness believed was the size of an apartment complex.  The man reported having a strange feeling and moving outside around 6:30pm on October 30th.  Outside he was confronted with a giant black rectangle with pyramid shaped red lights on one edge and a single other light on the other edge.  It was moving slowly and it appeared to be bigger than his apartment complex but was making no sound.  The man did not identify it as a UFO but said he didn’t know what it was.

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Ghostly Cloud City Appears Again Above China

Another version of the strange phenomena of floating cities in the sky has been recoded above the city of Dalian in China on March 21st.  The footage appears to show skyscrapers and a full city skyline in the clouds above the smog covered above the city and is the second time such an incident has been reported, the last time being in October.  Sceptics are claiming it is an optical illusion called Fata Morgana that distorts and inverts objects including boats.  But then isn’t everything an optical illusion if you don’t want it to be something more?

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Tasmania Tiger Spotted Again

The Tasmanian Tiger, also known as the Thylacine, is an extinct type of marsupial that just won’t seem to die off completely.  This month saw another sighting of the creature in the coastal Australian town of Inverloch.  A local resident was driving home around 10:30pm when he saw a creature around the size of an Alsatian that has a long, straight tail and striped fur.  This is the third sighting in the area, including one as recently as December.

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Nor is Australia the only range of this supposedly extinct creature.  Another reported sighting of it came from Tennessee in the USA this month.  A man was driving along Interstate 75 when he saw a strange creature stalking a deer on a nearby mountainside.  He described it as taller than a deer with a face that combined a fox, wolf and cat with a long tail.  It has a muscled body and pointed ears as well as slanted dark eyes.

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