May is one of those months that should be the gateway to warmer weather, sunshine and that uplifting summer feeling.  Instead, at least where I live, it has been periodically cold and more like autumn than imminent summer.  It has also seen the usual range of weird and strange reports from around the globe including a werewolf sighting – in Hull!

Glowing UFO near Fairbanks baffled even sceptics

While glowing orbs are normally the realm of paranormal investigators, a video taken by YouTube user Jared A has UFO enthusiasts excited this month and even die hard sceptics a little stumped.  The footage was taken at around 3am over the city of Fairbanks, Alaska and includes a strange glowing orb that hovers before splitting into three and vanishing.  Sceptics were forced to admit that the footage was truly confusing while others said it was merely space debris breaking up in the atmosphere.

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‘Old Stinker’ Werewolf Spotted Near Hull

One of the most curious stories of the month has to be the story of a number of sightings of a creature referred to as ‘Old Stinker’ in the area around the town of Beverley, near Hull.  Sightings of the werewolf or mysterious creature has led locals to organise a hunt come the next full moon to try and see it, perhaps even catch it.

Sightings date back to December when a woman saw the creature standing up one minute then running on all fours like a dog the next.  It also jumped a 30-foot drainage channel.  Another sighting included the macabre sight of the creature eating what appeared to be a dog of some kind before jumping over an eight-foot fence.  A woman walking her dog said she saw something ‘half-dog, half-human’ and her dog refused to walk down the path where she had seen it.

Old Stinker was originally a folklore character from further north on the Yorkshire Wolds who was said to eat the recently buried and had terrible breath, hence the nickname.  We await the results of the manhunt or wolf hunt come the next full moon…

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Triangle UFO Spotted over Manitoba

Triangle UFOs are one of the most eye catching forms of the extra-terrestrial craft to frequent our skies and one of the least commonly reported.  However, this month saw a sighting of a triangular shaped craft at around 12:30am on May 3rd near the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  The witness was driving on a residential street heading north when bright lights and a large object caught his eye.  It moved slowly across the road before accelerating to the west, at which point he lost it behind an apartment building.

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Black Cat Sighting Outbreak in Texas

Here in the UK, sightings of black cats of various sizes and descriptions are relatively common and there are spots around the world where these animals seem to turn up, away from their natural habitat.  One recent crop of reports comes from Texas where a page on the Texas Cryptid Hunter website has now been dedicated to the sightings.

Sightings include one from the end of May where a resident of Lockhart arrived home to see a large dark feline walking up the driveway.  He said it reminded him of a tiger from the zoo by its walk and shape and it flashed yellow eyes when it looked at him.  He added it wasn’t a bobcat as he had seen these before.  The area, notes the website, definitely has the kind of terrain to support a large cat of some kind.

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Time Slowed Down as Man Encountered Shadow Person

Shadow people are one of those phenomena that don’t quite seem to fit neatly into any category.  For some they are ghosts, spirits or some kind of disembodied entity while others think they may be demons or aliens.  A recent sighting of such a creature came from a man living in Coffeyville, Kansas.  He had seen the shadow man several times in the 12 years he had lived in the property without totally realising what it was.  The figure seemed to wear a ‘Dick Tracy’ hat according to the man, a fedora, as well as a trench coat with a collar turned up, based on the shadow outline.

The most recent sighting came at the end of April when the man saw the figure to his left and turned to look.  At that moment it seemed as if time had slowed town and a single second seemed to last a minute.  The shadow passed him and vanished into the wall.

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