June is officially the first month of summer with the light nights supposedly banishing the weird world to the back burner until the dark night come around again.  But this often isn’t the case and as more people are out and about later at night, more strangeness gets noticed.  So here’s a look at the weirdness that the world spotted during June.

Fire ship spotted in skies over New York

UFOs come in many shapes and forms and it seems one spotted over the skies of New York may have been experiencing a few problems as it more closely resembled a fire ball than a saucer or triangle.  The ship, or ships, were spotted on June 22nd and were uploaded to a French YouTube channel.

The original footage was recorded by a woman called Patricia whose comments can be heard on the video.  She wonders if the crafts are on fire and perhaps the nearby storm was causing them problems.  Critics said the woman talked too much, which seems a bit harsh as she was probably frightened by what she saw.

Critics were quick to term the sighing as ball lightning or even comically weather balloons that were struck by lightning and caught on fire.

Original article: http://www.inquisitr.com/3253784/fire-ship-ufo-fleet-filmed-over-buffalo-in-new-york-sparks-debate-conspiracy-theorists-say-they-were-alien-crafts-but-skeptics-say-rare-ball-lightning-phenomenon-video/

Two Kenyans record UFO footage

One witness can be mistaken but when the number of independent witnesses doubles, then so too does the credibility of what they saw.  Such was the case with the sighting that took place near the central Kenyan town of Murang’a and marks the first time anyone in country has recorded and distributed a UFO video.

The first image is a little blurry and difficult to see, with the commentary in Kenyan.  The second one is clearer, leading to questions about it legitimacy.  Nor are they the first sightings of UFOs reported in Kenya with several people having seen a triangular shaped UFO near the capital Nairobi in 2015.

Original article and videos: https://tuko.co.ke/144346-shocking-footage-of-an-alien-ship-recorded-in-the-kenyan-skiesvideo.html

UFO passes Jupiter, caught by amateur astronomer

This full-disc image of Jupiter was taken on 21 April 2014 with Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3).

If you are flying around the Solar System in your UFO, then Jupiter is bound to feature strongly in your travel plans, being the biggest planet around and such a noticeable one too.  This might be what was spotted by an amateur astronomer while he was studying the big planet earlier this month.

The footage shows an object that experts say would have to be a very large size to show up as it did and moving at close to light speed, though both these facts would tally with a UFO.  Other believe it is closer to Earth and much smaller.  Critics say it is merely a satellite but the astronomer, while being an amateur, would undoubtedly recognise something as mundane as this when he saw it.

Original article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3639715/Amateur-astronomer-films-UFO-hurtling-past-Jupiter-films-night-sky.html

Underground ghost spotted near plague burial pit

London’s Underground sometimes seems to have as many ghost travellers as real ones and almost every major station has its own resident spook.  The latest one to make the headline is that of the Knightsbridge station and is doubly interesting as the site is also close to a 17th century plague burial pit.

The clip, filmed by an anonymous man while waiting for a train, captured a strange spectre just inside the tunnel.  It appears to be crouching then leans across the tracks before vanishing behind the barriers.  The route of the track from Knightsbridge to South Kensington is known for its sharp curve, created to avoid a spot where leprosy victims were buried in the 17th century.

Original article: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/crouching-ghost-spotted-knightsbridge-tube-8106904

Authorities look for Men in Black after Iowa encounter

Authorities are currently on the look for Men in Black after a number of Iowa residents reported strange encounters with them along Highway 22 to the west of the town of Muscatine.  Wearing long black trench coats, the figures have been standing to the side of the road and unsettling passing drivers.  A number of people have even reported them stepping into the road and were potentially putting themselves in danger.

One witness, writing to Phantoms and Monsters, recounted his own experience when he saw a tall man dressed all in black step out onto the highway around 11pm one night.  Even his face appeared to be black, though this could be due to a mask.  The driver had just recovered from the surprise when a second man appeared, dressed exactly the same, from a ditch.  The man reported the case to the authorities.

Original article: http://www.kcrg.com/content/news/Iowa-authorities-seek-mysterious-men-in-black-along-roadways-383781801.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KCRG-TV9